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what the fuck..


“Nothing really attracts me to this industry, to be perfectly honest. I look at acting as an art, and that’s all it is for me. It’s just fun. I’ve been doing it since I was young because I wanted to, not because my parents wanted me to.”

Follow forever


So because I decided to make follow forever and I think that there might be blogs I dont know and are excellent or blogs that I might forget to add by accident 

  • reblog this
  • mbf me
  • i will check out every single blog who reblogs this
  • and i might follow you and add you to the list:)
  • it should be up on monday or tuesday 
  • i will tag and/or message you:)
  • good luck:)

One Direction // Where We Are Tour

On The Run Tour - Fashion 

"Please stop laughing at me, it’s very rude!" (insp.)